BAV sample portal online

NOVA Software has developed the new sample portal for the BAV Institut in Offenburg as a browser-based web application on the web. A browser-based software reqires no local installation. Thus, the user can access on the application at any time and from anywhere.
BAV Probenportal
Customers of the BAV Institut can enter their sample data now directly via the sample portal on the web. Because the clients come from different industries, their samples have to be tested on different criteria. Samples of ice cream, hash, noodles or from the gastronomy as well as, for example, the samples form the cosmetics, medical devices or pharmaceutical industry can now be entered with user-defined properties in the system.

The entry has become much easier and much faster for the user. Sample data can be uploaded with Excel files. The BAV Institut has already all product data available when the sample containers arrive in the laboratory. The sample data are constantly updated with the test results from the lab, so that customers alvays habe an overview of their product samples and can react accordingly. These test results can be exported as Excel or XML files. The original reports are pre-attaches as a PDF in the sample data.

There are also new statistical functions with clear lists and pie charts. Here, the clients have also access to inspection reports and any actions plans.